A manifesto, a multi-functional newsletter and a wordpress website to talk, seriously, about animal rights.

Graphic and Editorial Design  —  2013


Faculty of Fine-Arts of Lisbon


Prof. Pedro Almeida

Prof. Isabel Lopes de Castro


Lucas Marques Lima


The last project developed during my exchange year in Lisbon came up after detecting the lack of information, on all matters, regarding the ingestion of meat, as part of a daily diet in Portugal.

Using communication platforms such as, booklets, newspapers and a website the project aims to facilitate the transition to a vegetarian diet of any individual interested on having a healthier and more sustainable diet.

Research and Documentation

The project was based in a long and detailed research that counted with many partners and institutions related to food and nutrition such as institutes, ONGs, restaurants, organic fairs and producers.



This material includes the synthesis concerning the four main reasons for a low meat diet. Its a unique piece, with the objective of warning the reader. The format and the printing process of all the material was projected to minimize the financial cost of production, due to the partners possibilities of investments.



This physical platform, aims to serve as a weekly newsletter, circling any new information about nutrition, supplies and production processes.


Multifunctional, it was designed to be also exhibited as a poster. It contains a detachable portable guide that concentrates, all the restaurants, organic fairs, producers and institutions linked to the project, facilitating the public access to these places.



This simple online platform, was developed to concentrate all the information related to the project. It gives download access to all the material, allowing users to make their own collaboration with the project, sharing the files with anyone interested.


Wordpress and Content Navigation

Using Wordpress, it also counts with an interactive news feedback, where users can find videos and other links related to the subject.


Responsive layout

Since reaching more users is the main goal of the project, having a responsive layout was extremely important to reach more devices consistently, facilitating the navigation.


Worldchanging was selected for the annual exhibition of graduated students in Communication Design at the Fabrica Features.

Lucas Marques Lima

Product Designer


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