The visual identity and website of a startup that helps couples organize the marriage of their dreams

Founded by me and other three partners, Weddup is a startup, from Rio de Janeiro, which helps Brazilian couples organize the marriage of their dreams inside the boundaries of their budget.

This idea came up, after realizing that this segment only offered expensive and limited options for those who were getting married, especially because small business and providers didn't have an accessible place to offer their services. With that in mind, we created a customized word press platform that gathered providers from all over Brazil.

We start at the beginning of 2016 and by the end of one year, we had more than 40,000 providers (companies and independent professionals) registered on the platform and more than 20,000 followers on facebook.

My role at the company, was to design the visual identity, the responsive website and create the social media content.

The Logo Concept

Main logotype   |   Logotype applications

While the magnifying glass represents the startup's main function (search), the wedding rings identify the company segment.

The rounded, smooth and thick form of the logotype reflects the informal semantics of the brands name, creating a friendly aspect that underlines the main function of the startup: to help couples organize the marriage of their dreams.

Logotype construction   |   Color definition

Responsive Website

Since we based the majority of our design choices on the data collected using Google Analytics and the usability tests we've conducted, the website went through several updates and redesigns, according to new discoveries.

The design you see below is our last update.

Website   |   Mobile version

After going through a incredible journey building, alongside with friends, a startup from scratch, in the beginning of 2017, I left my role as Design Lead at Weddup. For now, I'll be searching for new design challenges and pursuing a Master's degree in France.


Weddup Brasil