A nice pair of porcelain cups to share a hot drink with someone you care, but that's far away from you.

Interaction and Industrial Design  —  2017


Roobo and Tsinghua University


TechInk Design Awards 2017


Lucas Marques Lima

Yang Meng


The Viccina cups work in pairs and allows users to share a cup of tea or coffee with someone they care but that is far way, in a symbolic way. 

When one of the cups receives a hot liquid, both of them gently light up, and when both cups are full at the same time, that same light becomes warmer, reaching a rosy hue, signaling a moment of sharing.

They are meant to be given as presents for someone close that lives far away. When no one's using, they look like two normal cups.


But when one of the users decides to have a tea or a coffee, both cups gently light up and display symbols calling the other user to share a cup of tea or coffee. The light pulses in an organic way, according to the other user heart beats, creating a haptic sensation of life.


Finally, when both users are having a hot drink at the same time, this light becomes warmer signalizing this moment of share. The symbols also change into one that represents this unique moment of proximity.


User Scenarios

Two users: couples, friends or family members — when the one on the right fills her cup with a hot coffee, both cups light up displaying the symbols, no matter where they are. The light, the symbols and their pulsation calls the attention of the other user in a surprising way, inviting him to take a moment of pause together.


When he decides to make a pause together and also drink a coffee, both cups start to pulse with a warmer light, such as this rosy hue. At this point, both users are sharing the moment and thinking about each other without the need of smart phones or any other more complex form of interaction.

Design approach

Regarding the design approach, the use porcelain with aluminum reflects the marriage between tradition and technology. The porcelain, besides being resistant and translucent, gives an elegant look to the object, revealing its innovative side in a surprising way.



The cups can be sold on regular magazines, directly with the customer, or they can be fully customizable and sold online.


Cedar and white gold   |   Cherry wood and aluminum   |   Walnut wood and cooper

Viccina is a concept developed exclusively for the TechINK Awards 2017 and won the Bronze Award among almost 1,000 projects from all over the globe.

Lucas Marques Lima

Product Designer


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