A social web application to help vegetarian users find everything they need to have a healthy and easier life

Developed over the first semester of 2016, Vegbee was some kind of collateral effect of all the research I've did while designing my graduation project: The Flesh is Weak.

After digging a lot about vegetarianism and interviewing a great number vegetarians, I identified a common problem: they didn't had a place to discuss, to learn and to gather all the information required to make an easy and sustainable transition to a life without (or with less) animal products.

Taking this into account, I designed a social web application to help vegetarians have a healthy and easier life by exchanging what they eat, how they cook it and where they find it.

The platform was divided into three main content pages: The News feed, the Recipes feed and the Vegmap.

Recipes Feed


Profile Pages

The profile pages gather all the users karma and medals (which are points and awards they win when engaging with the application) their followers and their publications.

This kind of resume of activities is meant to motivate the users to use the platform and exchange knowledge between each other.

User Avatars

Another feature designed to motivate the interaction between users are the avatars. When creating content and engaging with the application, the users can gain karma points and use them to unlock new avatars, such as the ones below.

Besides being a pretty fun exercise, this project was also a way of thanking all the vegetarian volunteers that helped me develop my graduation project in 2015.

After finished, this first version of the project was presented in the VegFest 2016, the biggest vegetarian event in South America, and in partnership with the Brazilian Vegetarian Society, will be, soon, relaunched online.


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