Vague Magazine

The editorial project of a surf magazine shaped by the nature of the sport itself; of freedom, flexibility and tranquility
Vague, N01   |   Photograph by Carolina Menezes

Vague is a fictitious surf magazine developed as an academic project at ESDI. The project consisted in designing every step involved in producing a magazine; from defining the theme, audience and content to designing the layout. The magazine itself is a monthly publication focused on surfing.

Instead of focusing on the athletic aspect of the sport, the magazine approaches it from a lifestyle angle.

Vague (which means wave in french) includes articles on photography, travel, music, arts and any subject related to the surf universe. The publication’s audience is not restricted to a single gender or location and the magazine is aimed at anyone interested in the sport.

Benefitting from an incredible array of images related to the sport, the final result is a publication based on a few fundamental restraints while at the same time boasting of freedom of expression and flexibility.

All photographs by Carolina Menezes