A new concept for the bathroom space that helps us save water, space and money.

Industrial and Concept Design  —  2017


Personal concept


Lucas Marques Lima


A quick rendering of the product beeing used.

Senshower is an innovative bathroom system that combines simple design with advanced materials and technology. It consists of a digital shower head that is connected with a glass shower panel via Bluetooth.

The application interface is displayed in the glass panel and it shows the quantity of water, money and time spent by the users in real-time. This allows the users to control their time in the bath and understand their water use in an easy and playful way.

Additionally, it allows users to save their preferences, such as temperature and water flow, saving time. Besides that, SENS also provides more precision and better ergonomics, since the interface can be resized and repositioned at any time according to users preferences. This design solution is perfect for people who care about aesthetics and comfort, but also care about their environmental impact and time loss.


An example of the 'Welcome Interface of the application.


An example of the User Interface during a shower.


An example of the User's dashboard after a shower.

Tracking water use

Senshower panel is composed of a large display glass, which is water proof, touch sensible and damage resistant. This device, inspired by the advances in the glass and display industry, allows the display of a transparent OLED application interface, which replaces the regular shower faucets. This glass panel is fixed on the bathroom wall by a metallic side support which also gathers all the electronic components necessary to run the application and to project the interface on the glass panel.

Using an algorithm, this application calculates the amount of water spent based on the water pressure and the size of the water holes of the shower head, and displays it as an interface on the glass surface. Due to the Bluetooth connection between the shower head and the shower panel, the user just need to touch the glass to turn on the device.


An example of the product being used in three steps.

1. The application enables users to set a time or water limit for his bath. When they do, an animation of a 'digital' water, synchronized with their water use, starts to be projected on the panel.

2. So, if a user chooses a five minutes bath, the 'digital' water will reach the top of the panel in five minutes, signaling that the limit was reached and that the user should finish her shower.

3. The user can choose to finish or to continue with her shower. The application also offers the option of automatically turning the shower head off, when the limit is reached.


By allowing real time visualization of water and money expenditure, SENS gives the users more control over their expenses and encourages them to develop a sustainable use of the domestic water.

Therefore, instead of imposing new habits on users, this system helps create awareness by simply showing the daily use of water in a simple and playful way. It also saves time by saving the users parameters such as temperature and water flow.

Furthermore, by integrating connectivity, display and touch-sensitive technology into the glass panel, SENS saves space and all the materials once used in the shower faucets. So, despite using less objects in the shower space, this design provides more comfort, more control and more awareness about water use.

Lucas Marques Lima

Product Designer


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