Rock in Rio

A proposal for the visual material of the Rock in Rio 2012 event that comes with an awesome portable vinyl player

This project, proposed by the discipline of Communication Design II, consisted in designing a proposal for the visual material of the Rock in Rio 2012 event.

Rock in Rio 2012 Visual Material   |   The Vinyl Portable Player, closed and opened

Its concept revolves around the origins of Rock in Rio. The first Rock in Rio festival, in 1985, was a pioneering event, regarding size. Never before was there an event scaled in these proportions. Therefore, to honor the aesthetics of its history, our proposal goes back to the rock and roll theme of 1985, without losing sight of the peculiarities of the Rock in Rio 2012. The main objective here was to develop a series of objects that create awesome and memorable experiences through direct interaction with the user.


The material consists of four separate components:

  1 Main Program
  1 Disposable Map/Program
  1 Vinyl Portable Player
  1 Vinyl

Main Program

This component was designed in order to inform the users about the event. Next to that, the history, program and visuals contribute to the emotional value of the complete product. It can serve as a souvenir that can be reviewed any time after the end of the event.

Disposable Map/Program

This component was created to be used during the event. The program and map helps the users to be at the right place at the right time. After the event it can be discarded. This material was developed in standard sizes to facilitate the prodution since it's an object for massive distribution.

Details of the disposable Map/Program.

Vinyl Portable Player

The portable vinyl player was implemented with the idea of bringing the user into contact with the music beforehand. It, also, contributes to the memory of the event as well, allowing the user to listen the vinyl whenever he wants. With just the help of a pencil the user is capable of playing the vinyl manually, changing the tempo according to the rotation speed.

The Vinyl Portable Player ready to use.

The Vinyls

Each disc is recorded with two singles. On the A-side there is a jingle of the Rock in Rio 2012, and on the B-side a song of the main act of the day that the customer bought a ticket for. In case the customer purchased a ticket for several days, it is possible to choose the most preferred artist.

Details of the Vinyl Portable Player.

Posters and T-shirts

To complement the material, other objects were designed to serve as souvenirs for the public, such as T-shirts and posters.

Black t-shirt of the event.
White t-shirt of the event.
Main poster of the event.
A3 poster of the event.