A small collection of photos of urban and natural patterns, people, cities and some random stuff
Sunset in L'Albufera lake, Valencia, Spain   |   December, 2012

Photography plays a big roll in my work and my way of understanding and solving visual design issues. I’ve always been fascinated by how, through light, we can frame a form, a moment of life and history, according to our interpretation and how we see the world around us.

For me, photography comes down to one word: vision.
As a visual designer, taking pictures, and looking through a frame helped me understand form, patterns, colors and everything else that our eyes can capture.

Sand patterns in South Bahia, Brazil   |   January, 2012

Patterns Everywhere

I find patterns everywhere, like these sand patterns in Bahia, Brazil. The Skyscrapers in San Francisco, or in some street lamps in Amsterdam.

Windows in Sicily, Italy   |   2013
Cactus, Arequipa, Peru   |   January, 2014
Winter trees, London, England   |   December, 2012
Sundown lights, Lisbon Airport, Portugal   |   July, 2012
Street lamps, Amsterdan, Netherlands   |   November, 2012
Mudejar windows, Granada, Spain   |   September, 2012
Old Stadium in Pompei, Italy   |   July, 2013
Skyscrapers in San Francisco, US   |   April, 2014

Naples Dust

Napoli is a treasure submerged in dust. Its culture and vibrancy is only rivaled by the sense of chaos and energy of the city. In Napoli, every corner, and every look tells a different story. This photo shooting, done in 2013, is an attempt to record these peculiarities and translate the feeling of being immersed in this culture so unique and alive.

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