Mixing Messages

A skinny booklet with an editorial proposal that applies the concepts of intertextuality, graphic deconstruction and ugliness
Photograph of the overcoat and the booklet Mixing Messages.

Developed over the second semester of 2012, this project consisted in designing a booklet, containing a theoretical synthesis of text The Cult of the Ugly (Steven Heller, 1993), with an editorial proposal that illustrates and applies the concepts of intertextuality and graphic deconstruction.


  Conceptual Diagram


The project used as references ideas advocated by Michel Foucault, Diane Arbus, Jan Tschichold, David Carson, Jean Baudrillard, and moviments such as Nouvelle Vague, Dadaism and Tropicália.

The opened overcoat of the booklet.
Details of the cover and overcoat of the booklet.
Details of the cover and overcoat of the booklet.
Page 13 of the booklet   |   The concepts of dadaism were a big reference.
Page 22 and 23 of the booklet   |   Photographs by Diane Arbus and quote by F. Nietzsche

Missing Messages was selected for the annual exhibition of graduated students in Communication Design of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon, which took place at the Fabrica Features


Prof. António Nicolas