Branding Compilation

A quick compilation of some visual identities, developed over the last years as a designer and student

The Breads

The Breads is a delivery artisan bakery, located in Rio de Janeiro, which operates 100% through social medias.

The Breads logotype in digital and printed medias.

This project, developed in early 2016, consisted in designing a flexible logotype to be used mainly in digital media, but also in a large range of materials, using stamps and silk screen.

The logo was designed to be used as a stamp.

Since the bakery was created and is run by a young carioca, the brand concept revolves around the idea of ​​a more rustic and simple kitchen, yet still sophisticated and trending.

The Breads stationary.

If you want to know more about The Breads or if you're just hungry, take a look at their Instagram or Facebook.

Sveiter Laboratory

This is a quick overview of an academic project which consisted in developing a visual identity system for Sveiter, a fictional high-end medicine laboratory, located in the south zone of Rio de Janeiro, including definition of branding guidelines, logo design and basic stationery.

Sveiter logotype and some examples of use.

Logotype Construction

Color Definition


Sveiter Visual Identity was developed in the first semester of 2012, in partnership with Álvaro Franca and Julian Hölzer, and supervised by Prof. Washington Lessa.

Nova Marca

Nova Marca (which means, basically, new brand) is an insurance and tourism agency, based in Rio de Janeiro with over 25 years of tradition in the market.

This basic visual identity proposal was developed in the second semester of 2011, for an insurance and tourism agency, with more than twenty five years of tradition. Builded by three partners, it has, currently, a wide range of clients, with all kinds of different backgrounds.

The proposal of the brand’s visual identity redesign intends to develop three different logos that are integrated and identified with each other, the brand matrix, Nova Marca, and its derivatives: Nova Marca Tourism and Nova Marca Insurances.

The logotype should represent the main qualities and functions of the company in accordance with the following requirements:



The first requirement raised by the stakeholders of the company was the interest in developing a personal symbol, something that recalled the history and the values of the company.

The three central pillars of the company, the three founder partners, are represented in light blue, and their shadows in dark blue, in a way to illustrate their renewal, while referencing the letters 'n' and 'm, of the brand’s name.

The rigid construction of the logo also serves to balance its flexibility, demonstrating quality and accountability.

Logotype Construction

Color Palete

The choice for two shades of blue, of high-contrast, is a simple and straightforward way to illustrate the bivalent character of the company, which is innovative regarding their services, but traditional and safe when dealing with their customers.