Choro Galaxy

A web application, designed as a galaxy map, to help the development of the Choro musical scene in Rio.

Product and Concept Design  —  2013


Escola Superior de Desenho Industrial


Prof. Bárbara Szaniecki


Lucas Marques Lima

Luísa Kühner

Micha Lionarons

Lívia Ripamonti


Choro Galaxy is a web application that maps, collects and disseminates all the information related to the musical universe of Choro in the city of Rio de Janeiro, and in the whole world, to all those interested in understanding, watching or participating.

Choro music

Known as the first popular and urban genre of music in Brazil, Choro (it could be translated as 'Cry') was born in Rio de Janeiro, in the mid nineteenth century. Currently, it’s still played by traditional groups such as rodas de choro, and also played by international musicians all across the world.


The Concept

The concept behind the project is building a galaxy that maps and represents in a visual way the universe of this genre of music. Through users input, the online platform would map the events, the artists, the institutions and the typical houses of Choro.


The aim is to create an interactive map of the relationships between artists, concert houses, festivals and institutions. Gathering everyone interested on both the historical and the cultural aspects of Choro, such as collections, artists, festival dates, listing of artists, and many others.


The Choro Map

The Choro map allows users to navigate through all the artists, institutions, concert houses and upcoming events involved with Choro in the world.


Historic Map

The historic map allows users to discover all the Choro’s history, in an interactive and practical way.


The Portable Music School

In order to get closer to the Choro universe, we partnered with the Portable Music School, an initiative of the Institute House of Choro, which also promotes, the National Festival of Choro.

Through a series of interviews and analysis together with them, we could understand better the genre background, the artist’s main interests, their hopes and their needs. This process helped shaping the final product, its funcionality and its visual identity.


Lucas Marques Lima

Product Designer


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