Cachaça Barbalho

A patriotic bottle of cachaça that express the tradition and the colonial roots of this amazing Brazilian drink.

Industrial Design  —  2011


Escola Superior de Desenho Industrial


Prof. Lucy Niemeyer

Prof. Sydney Fernandes de Freitas


Lucas Marques Lima

Gabriel Niemeyer

Álvaro Franca

Victor Quaresma


Developed over the first semester of 2011, this project consists of developing a cachaça bottle and it’s brand, focused on exportation. Our major challenge was to find a way to translate not only the tradition and the colonial roots of this Brazilian drink but also the high quality status that a luxury brand demands.

The project was based on a two-month research, and developed using the data obtained from interviews with people intimately connected with the world of cachaça, from small and large producers to consumers and specialists. Visits to glass factories, such as Cisper, were also made, in order to understand better the limitations and possibilities of glass, the main subject in this assignment.

After the research, we were able to gather a list of main requirements:

•   Be transparent
•   Bring an unusual and elegant shape
•   Gather elements of Brazilianness
•   Take advantage, graphically, of the cachaça color
•   Make reference to the universe of cachaça


Color and Material

The choice of clear glass and a small label creates a bond of trust between the brand and the consumer since many of the aspects of a high quality cachaça can be visually analyzed.


Barbalho borrows its form from the Brazilian flag. It delivers the elegance of the flag’s yellow diamond and combines it with an elegant neck and curved silhouette. The label also works as a reference to the flag’s blue circle.


Alternative Sketches



To reach this unique form, many mockups were made, using different kinds of materials, such as paper, Styrofoam, resin and wood for the final model. A combination between Cerejeira and Jacarandara, typical Brazilian trees, were used to find the right color and form.


Branding Proposal

The Cachaça Riot happened in 1660 in Rio de Janeiro. The leader was Jerome Barbalho de Bezerra Menezes, known as Barbalho, who along with other landowners began a riot against the law which prevented the manufacture of liquor in colonial territory. Barbalho was sentenced to death, but the law was cancelled. We decided to honor Barbalho, one of the first cachaça producers (and consumers) giving his name to the brand.



The round label joins the flag’s yellow diamond completing the reference to the Brazilian flag. The green color of the label is combined with golden color of the cachaça recalling the national colors of Brazil, creating instant association of the product with Brazil on consumers in different markets around the world.


Lucas Marques Lima

Product Designer


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