A charming bottle of Cognac that integrates the very essence of urbanity: the convergence.

Industrial Design  —  2017


Verallia Design Awards 2017


Lucas Marques Lima

Wallace Januário


Designed for the Verallia Awards 2017, which theme was the urban life and the city itself, the project was not awarded, but it was, definitely, a fun exercise.


Product concept

Cities are, above all, points of convergence; where people, products, concepts and ideas, coming from all over the globe, meet and mix forming a unique urban organism.

It is from this concept of attraction and encounter that this bottle of cognac takes form: the octagonal base is an allusion to the four cardinal and collateral points, which represent the origins of everything that constitutes the cities and their diversity.

From this base, eight spiral lines envelop and shape the object, indicating this natural movement of convergence that, in a gentle way, directs our eyes to the golden and luminous bottle cap that, symbolically, represent the city lights.

Below you can see a technical drawing of the superior and inferior view of the bottle (respectively):


Why Babel?

The name Babel is a tribute to one of the first great metropolis of humanity, the famous capital of the ancient Sumer. The upward shape of the bottle, formed by eight delicate spirals, evokes a certain holistic sense of collaboration, encounter and search for knowledge present in both the history of this ancient city and our contemporary urban agglomerations.

Lucas Marques Lima

Product Designer


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