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I’m Lucas Marques Lima, an end-to-end product designer who loves to build user-centric products and services that lead to concrete business results. Passionate about interactive experiences and human behavior, I've always been fascinated by the convergence of art, design, technology, and life. 

For the past 5 years, I’ve worked at the intersection of digital product design and brand identity, designing interactive experiences across a variety of industries for companies and startups from Brazil, France, China and the US.

I believe in wide curiosity, "stupid side projects" and ending up where you’re not supposed to be. When I am not working on projects, you will find me on a beach trying to surf, watching a classic movie (especially Fellini ones), taking some random photos or working on a stupid side project. Yah, can't help it.



Senior Product Designer @ GA Smart Building

2,5 years (2018 — Today | Toulouse, France)

Independent Product Designer

2,5 years (2015 — 2018 | Lyon, France)

Co-Founder & Product Designer @ Weddup

1 year (2016 — 2017 | Rio, Brazil)

Interaction Design Intern @ YDreams

6 months (2015 | Rio, Brazil)

User Experience Design Intern @ AM+A

6 months (2014 | Berkeley, CA, US)


EMSE, École des Mines de Saint-Étienne

Master of Science (MSc) — Prospective Design

2016 — 2018 | Saint-Étienne, France

ESDI, Escola Superior de Desenho Industrial

Bachelor of Science (BSc) — Design

2010 — 2015 | Rio, Brazil

Latest and greatest


Jul 26, 2019 — Cambridge University Press


Building as a Service

It's my new big thing. It's challenging and I think it has enormous potential.


TechInk International Design Award, 3rd prize

Jul 2017 — TechInk Awards, Roobo China

Un Tramway Nommé Design, 1st prize

Apr 2017 — Biennale Design Saint-Étienne 2017


Rappelled down the famous Anhumas abyss: an underground cave 73 meters deep lost in a forest in Bonito, Brazil. An incredible and completely immersive experience.
PS: I had to face (once again) my vertigo problem.

Jan, 2020 — Abismo de Anhumas, Bonito, MS, Brazil

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